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Latex mommy craving to whip your ass!

April 30th, 2009 by Sonia

Guess there won’t be a single person willing to argue upon the fact that inimitable Lady Sonia looks simply irresistible in latex. The skin-tight black rubber dress in which she appears in this shoot covers her gorgeous ripe curves so seductively…

ladysonia-latex-thumb1    ladysonia-latex-thumb2    ladysonia-latex-thumb3

Well, you have to know that even if you try to resist this mommy, she will always be glad to put you back into your place with the help of her scorching whip! Go ahead and watch her pose in her latex outfit – and don’t forget she ain’t got no panties underneath it!

ladysonia-latex-thumb4    ladysonia-latex-thumb5    ladysonia-latex-thumb6

Handjobs video guaranteed to stun you!

April 22nd, 2009 by Sonia

Seen tons of hot handjobs video but still in search of the best one ever? Damn, dude, you are disappointing me – I thought you know by now that the best handjobs are the ones given by Lady Sonia! Watch her stroke her lover’s shaft and squeeze it right in between her perfect ripe breasts here – and don’t hesitate to enjoy more of her video masterpieces at her personal site!


By the way, it’s there where you won’t have to restrict yourself to teaser clips and

enjoy Lady Sonia’s skills to the fullest!

Gloves that make men cum!

April 15th, 2009 by Sonia

ladysonia-gloves-thumbs1 ladysonia-gloves-thumbs2

Lady Sonia is a very posh lady – and this shoot is going to prove it to you! She’s got her awesome fur coat on – but the only thing she’s wearing underneath it is a sexy see-through black lace corset! Yeah, sugar, you got it right – her wet pussy is perfectly unprotected, so she won’t miss the chance to give it a good rubbing with her black leather gloves! Bet you know that gloves are one of Lady Sonia’s main kinks – the kink that makes her and her fuckmates cum like crazy!

See it yourself here!

ladysonia-gloves-thumbs4 ladysonia-gloves-thumbs3

Femdom ass worshipping insanity

April 8th, 2009 by Sonia

ladysonia-femdom-thumbs1 ladysonia-femdom-thumbs2 ladysonia-femdom-thumbs3

The time has come for you to reveal Lady Sonia’s darker side – and take a look at her making her kinkiest femdom dreams come true! Get acquainted with one of her favorite humble slaves – a masked pervert that never says no when offered to clean his mistress’s yummy booty with his tongue! However, this is far not the only type of domination sex that Lady Sonia is addicted to – if you want to see the whole range of her nasty sexual preferences,

check her full-size femdom movies out here!

ladysonia-femdom-thumbs4 ladysonia-femdom-thumbs5 ladysonia-femdom-thumbs6

Equestrian beauty Lady Sonia

March 31st, 2009 by Sonia

ladysonia-equestrian-thumb1 ladysonia-equestrian-thumb2 ladysonia-equestrian-thumb3

The weather is awesome today, so the brutal equestrian Lady Sonia decides to take her ponyboy out for a walk in the field – and a kinky outdoor training, of course. It definitely costs the guy quite a lot of effort to follow his mistress all the way from his stable – when they finally come to the training site, his palms and knees are all scratched!

ladysonia-equestrian-thumb4 ladysonia-equestrian-thumb5 ladysonia-equestrian-thumb6

Well, pity for you, ponyboy – you should have had hoofs! Enjoy this trailer movie here and don’t hesitate to visit Lady Sonia’s site for more rough equestrian fun!


Boots that stomp you and please you

March 24th, 2009 by Sonia

ladysonia-boots-thumb1    ladysonia-boots-thumb2    ladysonia-boots-thumb3

The outfit that Lady Sonia is wearing in this scene will definitely impress those of you who love trampling – her glossy black boots on high heels are something that you just won’t be able to take your eyes off, especially when our dearly beloved mistress gets rid of her black tights and panties! Damn, it’s hard to say what can be more arousing that feeling these boots of hers all over your body while looking up at Lady Sonia’s pink flower –

go get the taste of this unmatched pleasure here!

ladysonia-boots-thumb4    ladysonia-boots-thumb5    ladysonia-boots-thumb6

Cumshots on sexy smooth nylons

March 3rd, 2009 by Sonia

Lady Sonia’s young slave has been behaving real nice lately – that’s why she and one of her kitty friends have decided to grant him with a little cock rubbing right in the office where all three of them work.

ladysonia-cumshots-thumb1    ladysonia-cumshots-thumb2

Get ready for one of the hottest nylon fetish cumshots you have seen in your life, lover! Lady Sonia has already verified her handjob skills a million times – and she’s gonna do it once again in this scene! Bare pussies and tender hands of these cumshots junkies turn you on?

Enjoy more here!

ladysonia-cumshots-thumb3    ladysonia-cumshots-thumb4

CFNM-addicted office ladies

February 17th, 2009 by Sonia

ladysonia-CFNM-thumb1    ladysonia-CFNM-thumb2

Lady Sonia and her mature girlfriend are the ladies that don’t even have to get naked in order to please a man – this nice free CFNM photo and video compilation will prove it to you! They have still got their strict business suits on – and they look oh so sexy in them right next to their naked boy toy! Take a look at the mistresses taking him to the peak of CFNM pleasure with the help of their hands, whips and high-heeled shoes here – and move right on to Lady Sonia’s site if you want more!

ladysonia-CFNM-thumb3    ladysonia-CFNM-thumb4