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Mar 31 2009

Equestrian beauty Lady Sonia

Posted at 5:27 am under Equestrian

ladysonia-equestrian-thumb1 ladysonia-equestrian-thumb2 ladysonia-equestrian-thumb3

The weather is awesome today, so the brutal equestrian Lady Sonia decides to take her ponyboy out for a walk in the field – and a kinky outdoor training, of course. It definitely costs the guy quite a lot of effort to follow his mistress all the way from his stable – when they finally come to the training site, his palms and knees are all scratched!

ladysonia-equestrian-thumb4 ladysonia-equestrian-thumb5 ladysonia-equestrian-thumb6

Well, pity for you, ponyboy – you should have had hoofs! Enjoy this trailer movie here and don’t hesitate to visit Lady Sonia’s site for more rough equestrian fun!


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  1. miguel Says:

    i want this video

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