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Apr 30 2009

Latex mommy craving to whip your ass!

Posted at 5:53 am under Latex

Guess there won’t be a single person willing to argue upon the fact that inimitable Lady Sonia looks simply irresistible in latex. The skin-tight black rubber dress in which she appears in this shoot covers her gorgeous ripe curves so seductively…

ladysonia-latex-thumb1    ladysonia-latex-thumb2    ladysonia-latex-thumb3

Well, you have to know that even if you try to resist this mommy, she will always be glad to put you back into your place with the help of her scorching whip! Go ahead and watch her pose in her latex outfit – and don’t forget she ain’t got no panties underneath it!

ladysonia-latex-thumb4    ladysonia-latex-thumb5    ladysonia-latex-thumb6


5 Responses to “Latex mommy craving to whip your ass!”

  1. grahm Says:

    your a very beautiful women. your pictures and videos leave me craving more, but im a soldier on deployment and this is the site of yours i could get on stupid gov filters any way you could help me out?

  2. Ed Says:

    Lady Sonia, you are a sight that no living male should ever be able to make eye contact with, we are here to serve you and honour the beauty you offer, i would be indebted to serve at you feet, if only i could get the chance. you are a beauty and should be serve all day every day. Ed xxxx

  3. Peter Says:

    Hello, my moms bi, dear Lady-Sonia you could us Activities?

  4. Sonia Says:

    but thanks for offer 🙂

  5. looky Says:

    i want some free pic &video ,thank you

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